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What is the price of bamboo decking?

What is the price of bamboo decking?

The price of bamboo decking boards can be obtained from a MOSO® dealer. Please contact a MOSO® bamboo expert for a project-based installation. MOSO® works together with specialised companies that can help you to put together a complete deck made of bamboo boards. In addition to the bamboo decking boards, additional equipment is needed to complete your terrace and to determine the price:

  • The fastening clips and screws
  • The joists and the rest of the substructure
  • Optional finishing of the end boards
  • Material loss must be taken into account
  • The installation costs

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Bamboo decking price

The price of bamboo decking boards can vary. The difference in price can usually be traced back to the quality of the material. Different suppliers use different production methods and production conditions in the factories in China. MOSO® is committed to the right quality and good working conditions.

Profiling and finishing of the boards also determines the price. Within the MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® range, you can choose from different decking boards, with the price increasing as the board has a more luxurious appearance or better properties. A wide board, up to 178 mm wide, has a higher price than the standard 137 mm wide board. Finishing with oil and a rounded or brushed surface also increases the price. This higher price is justified by a more attractive terrace or easier and quicker installation.

Bamboo Decking specifications

The price of bamboo or hardwood decking

The price of bamboo decking is reasonably comparable to the price of good hardwood decking. Receive advice from a specialist and create a terrace that will last for years.

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