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What are the possibilities of bamboo outdoor decking?

What are the possibilities of bamboo outdoor decking?

Hardwood is often used in the design of a garden or landscaping project. Outdoor bamboo boards can be used for the same applications, with various advantages compared to conventional wood species. However, what is possible with bamboo decking exactly? Are there impossibilities? In this blog, we will answer these questions and also provide you with inspiration as to what has already been created with bamboo outdoor decking.

What can be made with bamboo outdoor decking?

Bamboo boards for outdoors have been introduced first and foremost as decking boards. Decking nearby water, terraces in gardens or restaurants, the possibilities with decking are endless. Thanks to the high stability of bamboo decking boards, there are unique possibilities:

  • Terraces with a sleek design

     2020028 LR (12) Picture by Tarik Hart
  • No large ventilation openings or
    lots of space under the boards 
    2022-02-15 LITWFB (1)

  • Bridges and stairs 
    Bamboo stairs Photo by Hennie Raaymakers - DAPh

Besides decking, Bamboo X-treme® is also offered as cladding boards, fencing and outdoor beams. The differences between these products is mainly in the profiling. Cladding and fencing boards have a slanted edge to allow water to run off the board quickly, while a decking board has a groove for installation with a clip. Countless other applications can be designed with the various bamboo outdoor boards.

  • Furniture 
    2021-11-26 LI TW FB (1)

  • Wall covering 
    Bamboo garden house Picture by Peter Brugmans_Design by Wouter Bink

  • Fencing
    Bamboo fencing (4)

What is impossible with bamboo outdoor decking?

Bamboo X-treme® Outdoor Decking is very suitable for a wide range of applications. Though it is not a magic material, it still is a natural product. The long lifespan and the 25 year guarantee cannot be guaranteed if:

  • Part of the material always remains wet

Moisture is the biggest enemy to outdoor wood and to bamboo as well. Especially if part of the material remains damp for too long, there is a chance that the material will warp or deform.

  • The material is not properly cleaned and maintained

If bamboo outdoor decking boards are never cleaned, dirt and moisture can affect the quality and durability. For example, by regularly cleaning the decking of leaves and other dirt, the lifespan is extended. If the material becomes rough, the application of an oil is necessary to maintain the boards.

  • The material is installed without balanced ventilation

Compared to wood and other materials, Bamboo X-treme® is very stable but it still is a natural material. If there is insufficient ventilation, for example, if the board lies on the ground on one side, there is a chance that the material will warp. Therefore, ventilation around and in between the bamboo boards must be taken into account during installation.

Suitable bamboo outdoor decking

Moso bamboo possibilities for outdoor decking

Bamboo stems are unsuitable as garden wood in most climates. The lifespan of an untreated bamboo stem varies from a few months to a few years. With various treatments the lifespan of bamboo can be extended. Bamboo outdoor decking does not look like a bamboo stem, it looks more like tropical hardwood. Likewise in terms of the technical properties. Outdoor bamboo boards were introduced at the beginning of this century as decking. The lifespan and quality of these boards was rather poor. With the introduction of Bamboo X-treme® (in 2009) MOSO® was able to produce a quality product that performs well in all climates.

EN-Brochure_X-treme_2021More about rooftop terraces with bamboo decking

Looking for more information or inspiration for a rooftop terrace? Check out our Bamboo Decking inspiration page or download the brochure with inspiration and information about Bamboo X-treme®.

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