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How strong is a bamboo deck?

How strong is a bamboo deck?

Bamboo decking offers many advantages and one of them is the strength. Why and how can a hollow bamboo stem be transformed into such a strong decking board? We invite you to find out what makes a bamboo deck so strong:

A bamboo deck with high strength and robustness

One of the factors that makes a material strong and robust is its density. Bamboo has a density of 700 kg/m², but the MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® decking has a density of 1,150 kg/m². Bamboo decking is made from bamboo strips that are heat-treated (200°C). During this step the bamboo loses half of its density, dropping from 700 kg/m² to 350 kg/m². It is thanks to the second production step that the decking will obtain such high density: the compression of the strips under very high pressure. A Bamboo X-treme® deck is therefore an extremely dense and solid product! Find out more about the production of the Bamboo X-treme®.strong bamboo deck

Hard and certified bamboo decking: Brinell hardness

There are certifications to determine bamboo decking hardness (also suitable for other types of decking material). MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking has been tested according to the Brinell method. In order to measure the hardness of a material on the Brinell scale, a ball, usually made of steel, is used as an indenter. The indentation of the impact (diameter of the indentation left by the ball) created by the pressure of the ball on the material determines the result on the Brinell scale. Bamboo X-treme® decking achieves the result of over 9.5 kg/mm2. The higher the number, the stronger and harder the material. Tropical hardwood, such as Ipe, widely used for decking applications, is recognized for its hardness and scores 5.9 kg/mm2 on the Brinell scale.

A deck compatible with the most demanding projects

A MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Deck can be installed in many projects, including those with high strength 2016050 HR (35) Picture by Roberto de Lara-WEBrequirements. It can withstand very difficult conditions such as applications in shopping centers and public places with a large number of people walking the deck, as well as many delivery carts crossing the material. Such heavy duty applications is possible due to the hardness of the material. Though it is also essential that the installation is adapted according to the application to ensure the longest possible lifespan for Bamboo X-treme® Decking.

How strong is a bamboo deck?Convinced by how strong a Bamboo X-treme® Deck is? Download the Bamboo X-treme® Inspiration Guide to be inspired by more projects worldwide!

Bamboo X-treme Inspiration Guide


Fanny Cariou
Fanny Cariou

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