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8 examples of the most beautiful bamboo floors at home

With the most extensive range of bamboo floors and dealers all over the world, MOSO® has supplied bamboo floors in countless homes. In this blog we would like to show you some of the homes in which bamboo flooring plays a key role in the interior. The right bamboo floor depends on the owner. Do you want long and wide planks or an interesting pattern? Will you install the floor on underfloor heating or do you prefer a floating installation with a click-system? The possibilities with bamboo are endless!

Here is our selection of the most beautiful bamboo floors:

Bamboo Supreme in a drive-in flat

When it comes to adding warmth to an interior, Bamboo Supreme Side Pressed Caramel is a great choice. The warm appearance brings a feeling of comfort to the room. The relatively small, stable two-ply boards are very suitable for installation with underfloor hearing. In this house, bamboo is also used in the frames of the glass façade. The dark kitchen island also appears to be floating above the bamboo floor, as the floor continues into the skirting boards. This emphasises the natural look and creates a calm atmosphere. More pictures of this home with bamboo flooring can be found here. 8 examples of the most beautiful bamboo floors at home


Bamboo floor in a bright flat

2015013 HR (5)-WEB

Perhaps the ultimate modern design: an all-white colour scheme combined with striking bamboo details. The bamboo floor and ceiling form a warm natural contrast with the rest of the interior. Besides the ceiling, the tabletops and various cupboards are also made from bamboo panels. Bamboo flooring and panels can be used in the same colour scheme and with similar finishes. Take a look at the bamboo details in these pictures.

Extremely durable bamboo floor in a holiday house

The owner of this summer holiday house in Denmark chose a robust, natural bamboo floor. When renting out to different guests, it is important that people can feel at home and the use of natural materials enhances a homely décor. However, the floor must also be able to withstand heavy use by those who are not particularly careful with the floor. Not only that, the house is empty for part of the year, without ventilation and heating. Therefore, the choice for Bamboo UltraDensity® was made, the most robust bamboo flooron the market. Bamboo panels were also used in the kitchen and dining table, making the homely interior very balanced. 2019016 HR (11) Picture by Hilde Steen Aamodt -WEB

Bamboo floor in an attractive flat

8 examples of the most beautiful bamboo floors at home


These wooden beams are most certainly an eye-catcher in this old city flat that has been tastefully renovated in Madrid. The architect opted for various bamboo materials of which the bamboo floor stands out the most; the warm Caramel colour of Bamboo Elite floor comes close to the warm colour of the wooden beams. Against the white wall and in the bathroom, cabinets are made of Side Pressed bamboo panels in the same colour but with a different pattern. More pictures of this flat with a bamboo floor can be found here


Bamboo floor in a villa

Crisp white walls, a high gloss white designer kitchen and shiny metal furniture: a house that can use a warm floor to make this modern look more homely. With a façade that can open up, the interior flows directly into the outdoor area. Meaning the floor had to be durable and match the wooden terrace in terms of appearance. The architect chose Bamboo Elite Density® Caramel, a rock-hard floor that fits in extremely well with the luxurious look of the villa.  2015049 HR (1)_Photo by Mats Holst-WEB


Bamboo floor in a city apartment

8 examples of the most beautiful bamboo floors at home

The view from this apartment is the same as that of countless homes in large cities: concrete and steel dominate and there is nothing but other residential towers and office buildings. With a strikingly natural look, the owners of this city flat manage to create a different image in their newly renovated living space. With lots of colour and plants, a natural interior is created, which is reinforced by the bamboo floor. The large Purebamboo solid bamboo boards are installed floating. Outside, Bamboo X-treme® Decking Board have also been installed, which beautifully connects the indoor and outdoor areas.


Light bamboo floor in a nature inspired home

The owner of this home in Christchurch, New Zealand, wanted the look to be as natural as possible, but the materials chosen needed to be durable. Wood is used on the walls and ceilings and bamboo is used for the utility surfaces. The colour scheme of the Natural Density® floor and the bamboo panels match the wood well. A bamboo floor is much harder and therefore more resistant to use. More pictures, including the bamboo staircase and more bamboo flooring, give a more complete impression of this natural home.

8 examples of the most beautiful bamboo floors at home

Dark bamboo floor in a modern, lightly decorated house

8 examples of the most beautiful bamboo floors at home Contrast makes a design more exciting and this is nicely expressed in this Belgian home. The staircase and the children's room of this modern, lightly decorated house are fitted with a Topbamboo floor in the colour Colonial. This is one of the darkest bamboo floors with a very natural look. The dark brown floor is brushed and this texture also forms a beautiful contrast with the smooth, white steel staircase. More close-up pictures of the staircase with bamboo floor can be found here.

Which bamboo floor is right for me?


Are you considering a bamboo floor for your home? Would you like to know which bamboo flooring options are available and what kind of look to give your home? In the flooring navigator you can combine different bamboo floors with different styles.  

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