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Why does bamboo architectural decking offer freedom in a deck design?

A deck is a deck? We don’t agree. With a special deck design, appealing installation patterns and a unique material like bamboo, creating a deck that stands out from the rest is almost a given. Bamboo decking boards are extremely stable and made of a natural material, which makes it perfect for special decks in gardens and commercial applications. We would like to show you why Bamboo X-treme® Decking Boards offer you freedom in your deck design:

Extreme stability

Bamboo decking boards are made from bamboo strips, which are engineered into boards in a unique Thermo-Density® process. To do this, the bamboo strips are crushed, thermally treated and compressed.Solana Beach popup-1

This makes the material more stable than hardwood and extremely durable. In other words, the boards barely shrink, swell or deform. Ventilation must be taken into account during installation but it is not necessary to, for example, leave an expansion gap between the ends of the boards. As a result, the boards can be used in special, sleek designs without any problems. Several installers have already told us that the decks they wanted to build would not have been possible without Bamboo X-treme®. Read more about the stable Bamboo X-treme® Boards in a complicated deck which required bamboo decking

Various widths of boards for creative deck design

Bamboo decking boards are available in 137, 155 and 178 mm widths at a fixed length of 1850 mm. By combining the different widths into one design, the most beautiful decking designs can be created. In addition, the boards have different surfaces, usually a smooth and a grooved side, which also complement each other very nicely. 

Hidden fastener installation

A beautifully designed deck also needs a beautiful installation. Visible screws never enhance a design, which is why the most beautiful decks are installed with invisible fixings. Bamboo X-treme® Decking Boards are profiled with a groove along the side of the board for clip installation by default. The fastener is screwed to the sub-structure and is hardly visible through the small gap between the decking boards. 

MOSO® offers a complete range of clips, including a clip for the first and last board and, if required, special screws for fixing to an aluminium substructure. All this has just one purpose: to enable the creation of the most beautiful decks imaginable! 

bamboo decking installation


Combination possibilities with cladding boards, fencing boards and beams

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A decking design does not only consist of decking boards, it also needs material for the finishing touches. Fascia boards are available alongside the decking boards but for the final finish of the outdoor area, cladding boards, fencing boards and beams are also very suitable. By integrating different boards of the same Bamboo X-treme® material into a design, a harmonious and beautiful ensemble is created.


Looking for more inspiration? 


Looking for more information or inspiration for a bamboo deck? Check out our Bamboo decking inspiration page and download the inspiration brochure. 

Bamboo X-treme Inspiration Guide

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