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Why bamboo cribbing blocks are your alternative to hardwood or plastic

Why bamboo cribbing blocks are your alternative to hardwood or plastic

Long before Hydraulics existed, block cribbing was the primary method of supporting heavy objects during construction projects. Relocation, search and rescue and stabilization also utilize box cribbing. In modern times cribbing blocks are used for sub surface mining and stabilizing equipment. The standard material for cribbing blocks was (tropical) hardwood.

Sustainability now has a role in design and construction

As companies continue to push for more sustainable materials, now more than ever is the best time to find a way to incorporate sustainability into your projects. With the addition of MOSO® Bamboo Cribbing Blocks, sustainability can now be the focus of both the design and the construction industry.

When looking for a sustainable product, it’s important to choose materials that have smaller carbon footprints. Because MOSO®’s sustainably sourced bamboo has a negative carbon footprint—there is no better choice in cribbing blocks when it comes to sustainable materials! It not only counteracts its own carbon emissions from manufacturing and shipment, it also counteracts some of the other material used as well. .

Invest today in tomorrow’s future.

Are you in need of a sustainable option to replace traditional hardwood cribbing blocks? Look no further—MOSO® now offers the sustainable option for construction as well.

Cribbing blocks developed and tested with Mammoet

In 2016, Mammoet, the expert in heavy lifting, approached MOSO® to manufacture a natural sustainable material to replace their wood beams. Mammoet was using Azobe or Ekki from Africa to make the beams and wanted a more sustainable long-term solution.

After three years of development MOSO® and Mammoet released the finished product into the market. The MOSO® bamboo cribbing blocks are only a bit more expensive and were able to exceed the 30T limit experienced in Azobe beams. MOSO® Bamboo Cribbing blocks can hold up to 60T with less than a 4 mm indentation. Late 2019, the bamboo beams were introduced in the USA, with a heavy lifting job in Florida.

MOSO® bamboo Cribbing blocks also receive the highest fire rating for EU standards making them ideal for fire department and search and rescue.

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