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MOSO announces increase in production Bamboo X-treme

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MOSO announces increase in production 

New factory for growing demand of Bamboo X-treme

June 2019, MOSO, Zwaag (the Netherlands); - We are pleased to announce the opening of our new MOSO Bamboo X-treme factory in China. Our new factory will not only increase production, but it is another step forward in MOSO’s commitment to supply sustainable bamboo products.

More Bamboo X-treme production capacity

We see a growing worldwide demand for bamboo outdoor products. To ensure a continuous availability, we decided to build a brand new factory, together with our Chinese partner. The new factory covers 45.000 m² and has a capacity of 1 million m² per year. Building a new facility also gave us the opportunity to update the equipment to be state of the art. For example, by mechanizing some parts of the production process, which used to be quite heavy physical labor, the working conditions were improved.

More sustainable production

We also invested in safer and cleaner energy. The energy supply is actually a “factory within the factory”, with a huge 14 megawatt capacity (to compare: 1 megawatt is enough to supply energy for 1000 households!). The fuel for this power station is… bamboo! 

Bamboo waste (from the production) is pressed into small units, called pellets, and burned in such a way that the emissions are very low. With this new facility, around 20% of energy is saved, compared to a traditional system.

More efficiency

"We are extremely happy that we could make these steps with our long-term partner", says Brett Kelly, vice president MOSO North America. "With a production capacity of 10 million square feet boards we ensure that we better serve the international market demands. We are already planning to enlarge our product range based on new production opportunities in this new factory."

Although the investment is high, MOSO expects that, with the larger scale of production, a higher efficiency can be reached. This should balance out the high investment, meaning we do not expect an increase in costs (and therefore a price increase) in the near future.

Arjen Veltman
Arjen Veltman

Commercial Director MOSO International BV