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How High Density® Bamboo outperforms Strand Woven Bamboo

How High Density® Bamboo outperforms Strand Woven Bamboo

One of the key innovations in MOSO’s 20 year history in the bamboo industry is High Density®. The material is harder, stronger and more durable than almost any wood. Compressed bamboo is generally known as Strand Woven Bamboo or scrimber: bundles of crushed bamboo strips are compressed into panels or blocks that form the base material for all kinds of bamboo products: for example flooring, beams, panels. However, MOSO® High Density® outperforms the standard Strand Woven Bamboo on the market on many quality aspects. The fundamental improvements are a result of continuous upgrading of manufacturing processes. MOSO® High Density® innovation is not a revolution, but an evolution in product quality.

MOSO® High Density® bamboo has many benefits

Strand Woven Bamboo became popular worldwide in the beginning of this century, thanks to its clear benefits: an increased hardness and a special appearance. Compared to traditional laminated bamboo, and almost all wood, its hardness (Brinell ≥ 9,5 kg/mm²) is unique. When hitting or dropping a hard and heavy object onto the material, there is hardly any indentation. However, standard Strand Woven Bamboo has serious weaknesses: poor and fluctuating stability and environmental issues.

Stability defines the quality of compressed bamboo

For almost all bamboo applications, the stability is a crucial material attribute. Bamboo, like wood, is a natural material that will shrink and swell with changes in humidity. In general, the standard Strand Woven Bamboo has a low stability, resulting in high shrink and swell levels. With MOSO® High Density®, the stability of the compressed bamboo has been improved - with up to 10 times less shrinking and swelling. However, you will hardly see the difference between a high quality and inferior product when you have a sample in your hands: the stability will only prove itself over time, when weather and climate circumstances change.

From bamboo stem to high quality products

The improvement of stability with MOSO® High Density® is the result of continuous efforts to optimize the raw material selection and processing methods and techniques. In sequence of production steps:

  • finding the best resource,
  • using the ideal segments of the bamboo stem,
  • ensuring total deskinning of the strips,
  • determining the optimal thickness of the bamboo strips,
  • optimizing crushing technology,
  • selecting the right type and quantity of glue,
  • controlling the best compression and heating process steps,
  • optimizing and controlling the balance of moisture content in each production step.

Producing environmental friendly bamboo scrimber

The sustainability advantages of the rapidly renewable giant bamboo material are convincing: Official independent LCA studies (according to ISO 14040/44) conducted by Delft University of Technology have confirmed that solid MOSO® bamboo products are CO2 neutral or better over their full lifecycle. Due to differences in production steps, this cannot always be claimed for standard Strand Woven Bamboo. The type and quantity of glue is the key to maintain a sustainable product after processing the fast growing bamboo raw material.

MOSO’s principles: sustainable, high quality and innovative products

By offering innovative bamboo products of the highest quality, tested following the most stringent European norms, MOSO International became the leading brand in the relatively young bamboo industry. Bamboo products are manufactured in China, where it grows in endless bamboo forests. The bamboo stems grow from an underground root system and after 5 years a stem can be harvested, while the others continue to grow. This means the bamboo can be used without destroying the forest. After being transported to local factories, the stems are split into strips and produced into bamboo flooring, panels, beams, veneer or outdoor products. MOSO® works with a team of 15 skilled local employees, who control the product quality and support the product development. Research and development is mainly undertaken in the head office in Zwaag, the Netherlands, in cooperation with our colleagues in China. With our partners we have been able to translate the new and growing market demands into new innovative products. The long-term vision for the company is: making bamboo the truly ecological alternative to tropical hardwood and other less environmentally friendly materials.

“When I started working for MOSO® , 12 years ago, Strand Woven bamboo or scrimber just existed. The new material attracted many customers because of its benefits: being very hard and showing a new look. However, since we tested a lot of strand woven bamboo material, we recognized that there is a large difference in quality. There are many ways to alter the quality of the final product, and many producers trying to find a compromise between lowering costs and keeping the quality at an acceptable level. With High Density® products, our customers are assured to receive the MOSO® quality.”



High Density® quality, engineered material for all types of applications

While MOSO® learned how to deal with the full production process of densifying bamboo, most bamboo suppliers outside of China only know the final product. When all production steps are controlled and managed in the right way, the final product will meet the quality requirements customers are looking for. Bamboo products are engineered products and each production step enables the manufacturer to either cut down costs or improve the quality.

By selecting MOSO® High Density® bamboo products, you are choosing a product with a predefined quality standard. The product assortment is large and still growing: from bamboo flooring and panels for decorative purposes, to outdoor bamboo decking or beams and custom made products for industrial applications. Read more about High Density bamboo products and find out which products include this material on our website.

Arjan van der Vegte
Arjan van der Vegte

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