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Bamboo Flooring from a Box Store? This is not supplied by MOSO North America.

Moso6 premium bamboo flooring US floors

At MOSO North America, we regularly receive field requests from homeowners and contractors in the US looking for information or stock of bamboo flooring. To date, MOSO North America has not sold any flooring to Box Stores in the United States, but only through specialized installers. We specialize in Outdoor Bamboo products at this time, such as MOSO® Bamboo X-treme Decking, Siding and Porch flooring.

If you are looking for a bamboo flooring product that has “Moso” printed on the box, is most likely from a company called US Floors, now a subsidiary of Shaw industries. US Floors has also been renamed COREtec floors and no longer distributes bamboo flooring. US Floors printed the species name on the box as a marketing tool.
MOSO North America is also named after this species of bamboo.

Other indicators that you have a US floors bamboo product are:

  • Item numbers beginning with 609.
  • “MOSO 6yr premium Moso Bamboo” is printed on the box.
  • It was purchased at a “Big Box” store or other retailer between 2001-2020
  • Moso6 premium bamboo flooring this logo can be found, or a brochure mentioning "Natural BAMBOO"

In short, these products were not made or distributed by MOSO North America and we are not distributing flooring in the US in the near future. Your best bet would be to reach out to other flooring companies with stock available, or that have ever stocked Moso6 flooring, such as:

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