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Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terrace

Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terrace

A hotel’s terrace can be used for a variety of activities: for guests to wander by the pool, to relax, to party around the decks of top DJ's or to enjoy a sunset dinner. This is an important area, one in which guests pay special attention to before making a reservation. Which is exactly why the material choice of the decking board is important. The bamboo terrace creates a natural, warm and durable outdoor space. Several hotel chains use bamboo terraces. Be inspired by these references from all over the world!

Bamboo terrace on top of the Hilton Hotel

A beautiful MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® terrace is installed on the rooftop of the Hilton Hotel in Bogota, Colombia.  Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terraceFrom there, terrace guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire capital and the surrounding mountains. The 560 m² bamboo terrace provides a warm and natural touch to the middle of the city. In the relatively humid city, high durability and stability are an absolute must for a decking board.

The Bamboo X-treme® terrace is also installed at the Hilton Hotel nearby Lake Como, Italy. Once again, the hotel chain offers its guests an idyllic and soothing setting with a bamboo terrace overlooking Lake Como. Cocktails and dance parties are held on the rooftop terrace; the extreme durability and stability mean the bamboo terrace meets the heavy traffic requirements.

Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terrace

Bamboo terrace in Iberostar Hotels

With more than 120 resorts in several different countries, the Iberostar hotel chain is a major player in international tourism. Iberostar chose a bamboo terrace for several of these hotels. The bamboo terraces throughout the hotel chain are located by the swimming pool and some of them by the sea. Located in countries with high temperatures and humidity, the terrace has to face difficult conditions. Among others, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® terraces have been installed at:

W by Marriott Hotel with a bamboo terrace

Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terraceThe decking at the famous Hotel W in Barcelona, Spain, designed by renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, is now covered with a bamboo terrace. The 5* hotel is located on Barcelona's seafront promenade and offers a direct view of the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona's warm climate allows hotel guests to relax for many months of the year on the Bamboo X-treme® Decking. The high stability of the boards allows for a clean finish around the pool and stairs.

Bamboo terrace at the Wellnessresidenz Alpenrose Hotel

Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terraceThe 5* Wellness Residenz Hotel in Alpenrose, Austria, is located on Achensee lake in Maurach, Tyrol. It offers its guests a natural and relaxing environment. For the hotel's terraces, the owners had high demands in terms of sustainability. The terraces are installed directly above lake water, meaning the chosen material needed to be highly resistant to moisture. A bamboo terrace achieves the highest result (Durability Class 1 according to EN 350), which is why a Bamboo X-treme® terrace, also known for its natural aesthetics and high stability, was chosen.

Bamboo terrace in a Safari Lodge in the middle of the desert

Puku RidgeLuxury Frontiers offers visitors a unique experience: a Safari with luxurious facilities among the wildlife of Botswana and Zambia. The lodges are equipped with a MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® terrace. The bamboo terrace has to face intense dry conditions and yet it behaves very well in terms of stability and resistance. Discover more pictures of Luxury Frontiers Safari Lodges:

Bamboo terraces at Hard Rock Hotels

2018019 HR (21) Picture by Roberto Lara-WEBBamboo decking was selected by the Hard Rock hotel chain for several restaurant and pool areas. Hard Rock Hotels offer a special rock and roll experience to guests, as well as the highest quality services. After all, a special experience starts with a beautiful ambience. That is why several hotels are equipped with MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking boards, such as:

A bamboo terrace around the Ushuaïa Hotel swimming pool

Hotel Ushuaïa in Ibiza, Spain, is known worldwide as the meeting point for the world's most famous DJ's and tourists who want to have a good time and experience Ushuaïa. During the parties organised by the hotel, several thousand people dance on the terrace and party around the pool. In total there are more than 3,000 m² of bamboo terrace boards installed around the pool. Bamboo X-treme® has been selected for its durability and resistance, as well as its natural look and quality. 

Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terrace

Elegant bamboo terrace at Vabali Spa

Vabali Spa resorts in Germany are an invitation to well-being and escape. The owners were inspired by Balinese materials and architecture when designing the spas. Their choice of material for the terrace was bamboo, a material widely available on the Indonesian island. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking meets the requirements for the project with numerous certifications, high durability (Biological Durability Class 1 according to EN 350) and the possibility to allow for freedom in design.
Vabali Spa Berlin
The Spa Director explained that maintenance was also part of the selection criteria, with 2,500 m² of decking installed in each Spa, he could not afford to select a poor quality deck which would ultimately require too much maintenance. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® was installed at the spas:

Bamboo terrace in the Nobu Hotel

Located on the Pacific Ocean coast, the Nobu Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico, offers a relaxing setting for its guests. With 200 rooms and suites, the hotel offers a complete experience to its visitors, including meeting rooms, spa, boutiques and swimming pools.

Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terraceMOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking is installed around the swimming pools. The Baja California region experiences extreme weather conditions and the hotel is located between the seafront and a cactus desert. The bamboo terrace, therefore, has to face difficult conditions. The architect and owners were looking for a material that was durable, stable and sustainable at the same time, which is why they opted for a bamboo terrace.

Hotels with a sleek and elegant bamboo terrace


Be inspired by our Bamboo X-treme® brochure, in which you will find project references and key information about decking.

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